Does This Sound Familiar?


You are a creative entrepreneur who excels in your zone of genius,

but struggles with your business money stuff


You're juggling your payments, and your credit lines are maxed,

and you don't know how to start getting it together


You admittedly ignore your money stuff because you just don't like it,

or believe it is too complicated

You are making money but have no idea where it all goes


You don't think you can ever be good at managing the finances




First Steps to Profit

The course designed for creative entrepreneurs

to help them manage the money simply while staying in their zone of genius.

No spreadsheets, no tricky calculations.

“I’m excited to say that now I know my numbers. It is incredibly confidence inspiring to be able to sit down once a week and be able to update things and know what needs to be done.  Dawn makes everything so simple and breaks it down into bite size pieces so it never feels overwhelming. ”

Leeanna Gantt

CEO TookTake

"Dawn offers a very holistic picture of your business and uses the numbers to support you to look honestly at how your business is working.

I have really started to go through my business tightening up and streamlining Services, Products and Pricing."

Hyacinth Myers

Empower 7

Here's What You Get!

Three Video Lessons

Easy to follow video lessons that will get you organized, knowing your numbers, and protecting your business income.

Each module has a workbook with step-by-step instructions.

Lifetime access to the course included.

($254.00 value)

Money Management Templates

The money management templates you need! Blank pages,

step-by-step instructions for managing your money.

Yours to download and keep to use over and over.

Includes the Bonus Monthly Spending Plan Template!

($37.00 value)


How to Create and Fill an Emergency Fund, based on Dawn's own experience with financial distress and protecting her business income, and

Managing the Money When You are a Multi-passionate

for creative entrepreneurs with multiple ventures!

($94.00 value)

Get the entire First Steps to Profit Course with Bonus modules

and Bonus Monthly Spending Plan Template right now for


($385.00 value)

You can have the peace of mind knowing that you have

everything you need to take control now, and

 without any complicated spreadsheets, software, or calculations

that can be intimidating and stressful!


The B-Number (in the course) was transformational and helped me better understand how I need to develop my monthly spending plan so that my business is always protected, whilst still having money to enjoy in my day to day life!

Tania Nishi

CEO, Nishi Development Ltd.

Buy it, Try it, and Apply it with our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee


As a business owner I always feel a bit nervous when I buy something online - especially from someone I've never met!


So, I want to put your mind at ease.


I want you to feel confident investing in First Steps to Profit so I'm giving you 14 days to learn and implement everything within the program, and feel at ease knowing that if you're not 100% satisfied, I will happily buy the program back from you.

Dawn helps the entrepreneur get outside of their own head, pulling them into a place where they tell money what its job is, not the other way around.

Jerri Cook, CEO Grey Ghost Investigations

I packed everything into this course to get you

managing your money immediately.

No spreadsheets required. No complicated calculations. ​

- Video Lessons


-Money Management Templates

-Bonus Modules

-Lifetime Access to the course, updates and future bonuses


Join me today for $27.00 ($385.00 value).

First Steps to Profit is Right for You if...

You are tired of ignoring your money stuff and the stress it causes


You are making money and have no idea where it goes


You work so hard and are not getting a steady paycheck


You are ready to get off of the cash flow roller coaster


You want a simple, repeatable system without spreadsheets or complicated software


You could have your money management sorted, with a system in place before next weekend, by doing one module a day.


You could have your finances organized and you could know the numbers you need to not only handle the money, but also to make sound business decisions based on the "ground truth" of your numbers. 


You are ready to put a simple system in place that works for you


You are ready to make more confident business decisions


You are ready to have peace of mind that your business is thriving financially

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers



How long is First Steps to Profit?

Is There a Refund?

What if I have a Question?

What if I already use an Accountant? Do I need this course?

What if I Really, Really Don't Like Math?

I'm worried that managing the money will take too long

Get immediate access everything you need to start managing your business money simply, and without spreadsheets, today 

Everything is here, to get you off the money relationship

roller coaster

(it's great, I hate it, it's great, I hate it)

once and for all


- 3 Video lessons to get you organized, knowing your numbers,

and protecting your business

- Module workbooks with simple step-by-step instructions for each lesson

-Money Management Templates to use forever

- Bonus Module on Emergency Funds

- Bonus Module for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

- Bonus Monthly Spending Plan Template 

- Lifetime Access to the Course with Future Updates and Bonuses


Yours for only $27.00 

($385.00 value)